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The EcoAir DD1 started the revolution in dehumidifiers, setting the benchmark for home desiccant dehumidifiers for years. Others have followed the legacy technology.

EcoAir, relentless in our search for a formula to reduce wastage and save energy, now brings you another revolution –
E7 Technology and 3-D Louvre to your DD1 MK5.

ECO E7 Technology has multiple algorithms operating in parallel to manage power, temperature & humidity to optimise performance and save energy. E7 brings 3 powerful features into the DD1 MK5 :-

• Auto Toggle Power Saver

The Eco E7 Technology has the power to do amazing things with your DD1 MK5. It senses the ambient temperature and humidity level and automatically toggles between the full power, economy power and standby modes. This function will reduce your energy bill by as much as 40%.

DD1 MK5 has a built-in auto sensor that continually detects your air humidity. It knows when to toggle the dehumidification requirements. This ensures that the humidity level is under control and that you only use your electricity when absolutely necessary according to the mode you have selected.

• Overdry Protection

Using any dehumidifier at High Modes or Laundry Mode over long periods can cause unnecessarily "over-dry" ambient air. The good news is that the DD1 MK5 knows when to toggle the dehumidification process when the air gets too dry.

• New Heating Element Design

The DD1 MK5 heating element has been re-designed to maximise the impact of even distribution to complement the Auto Toggle feature, increasing its efficiency and life in the process.


Channels airflow over a Wide area or Spot to optimise efficiency when the need arises. Use Wide channel to improve even distribution and Spot channel to pinpoint problem areas like a mould growth on the wall.

EcoAir DD122FW MK5 Classic Desiccant Dehumidifier - 3D Louvre


Control Panel
The new DD1
features a new improved
electronics control panel.

Whisper Quiet
No more noisy compressor with desiccant technology
Only 34 dBA.

Environmentally Friendly
desiccant dehumidifier
contains no harmful gas.


EcoAir ECO DD122FW MK4 Classic Desiccant Dehumidifier


DD1 Classic MK5

DD1EA Classic

For Market: UK & Europe US

Power supply




Power consumption


300 - 580

330 - 615

Moisture removal


7 L / Day (20°C,RH60%)

15 Pints / Day (68°F,RH60%)

Noise level



Ambient temp


1 - 40 (°C)

34 - 104 (°F)

Water tank volume


2 (L)

4.2 (Pints)

Net Dimension(W x H x D)


29 x 47.5 x 17.5 (cm)

11.4 x 18.7 x 6.9 (Inch)

Gross Dimension(W x H x D)


35 x 54.5 x 22.5 (cm)

13.8 x 21.7 x 9.1 (Inch)

Net/Gross weight


6 / 7 (kg)

13.2 / 15.4 (lbs)

Note: Due to our policy of innovation some specifications may be changed without notification.