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Many people would choose the compressor over the desiccant, but why is that? With the specifications stating that the desiccant runs through 600w/h at 20ºC/60% and has a 7l/d tank while the compressor runs 450w/h at 30ºC/80% with 20l/d. Little do they know that looking at the numbers the compressor looks promising but this is not the case, and depending where you live, the desiccant is actually more efficient.

The optimum temperature for extracting humidity for compressor dehumidifiers is at 30ºC. The compressor dehumidifiers will not work at the same efficiency between the temperature 0ºC to 5ºC because it relies on freezing rods which condense the humid air. Due to this, if the temperature of the air falls below 5ºC it would be harder for a dehumidifier to condense and extract the humidity in the room. If the temperature is above 15ºC the compressor will extract humid air faster; this due to the difference in temperature. The compressor refrigerants are also a major greenhouse gas that affect global warming.

The desiccant on the other hand can run from 0ºC to 30ºC with a constant and stable intake of humid air, which means that even though it uses 600w/h, the consistency means that the electricity used has no fluctuations, coming to a lower amount of money spent. Despite the desiccant only being 7l/d it will actually be more useful because the stability of intake does not rely on temperature but only on how humid the air is. Also, the desiccant does not use a compressor, which means that it does not emit greenhouse gases, as an eco friendly product.

In most European countries, the weather can get as low as 0ºC or as high as 30ºC, so in comparison, the desiccant is more reliable and useful because it works at its optimum level through out that range, where as the compressor would work better the hotter the temperature it is in. Also the desiccant is much quieter than the compressor.

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