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Air conditioning (sometimes called aircon) controls the temperature of homes, offices and other indoor areas. Although primarily thought of as a way of cooling, air conditioning units can also heat rooms and help remove extra moisture from the air. Using an air conditioner has become one of the most popular, and environmentally friendly, ways to heat conservatories and extensions.

Air conditioning systems operate by taking advantage of the fact that when a liquid converts into a gas form, it absorbs heat. An air conditioner draws ambient indoor air in and across a set of refrigerant-filled evaporator coils.

A sealed unit, the gas form refrigerant then has to be converted back into a liquid for continuous cooling. An AC compressor puts the refrigerant gas under high pressure. This process creates heat, which is channeled outdoors through a set of condenser coils (or heat pumps) and another fan.

To heat a room the air conditioners simply work in reverse. The refrigerant continues to convert between gas and liquid, but the cooler air is channeled outside with the warmer air being pushed back into the room.

Designed to be very energy efficient, air conditioning is a far cheaper way to heat a room than traditional gas or oil-fired central heating. Able to cool as well, the attraction of air conditioning is that it can maintain a steady indoor temperature all year round at a fraction of the cost of the winter central heating bill.

Air conditioning is also cheaper to install as it does not involve the expense of inconvenience of plumbing in new radiators or upgrading the boiler. As the air conditioning process also removes excess water vapour (because cool air cannot carry as much moisture as warm air), it also offers all the benefits of a dehumidifier.

There is a wide variety of air conditioning systems, but they can be broken down as

  • Portable air conditioner – simple stand alone air conditioner unit for temporary or occasional use
  • Split air conditioning – small, in-room air conditioner units connected to a single extraction unit
  • Multi split air conditioner – multiple, small, in-room air conditioner units connected to a single extraction unit

Considerations when choosing an air conditioning system

  • Adjustable thermostat to automatically control room temperature
  • Timer control to set specific operating periods
  • Washable filters to combat odours
  • Multiple settings for cooling, heating and dehumidifying
  • Energy efficiency rating A is the cheapest AC units to run and most environmentally friendly.

EcoAir offers a wide range of high quality high wall mount split air conditioning ranging from budget air conditioning systems to high efficiency inverter split air conditioning system.

Summary of range:-

Z Series - High efficient inverter system with up to a high SEER of 6.4. A Stylist elegent design and a plethora of remote controlled functions for precise temperature control with range available from 9000 Btu to 18000 Btu. Impressive A+ and A++ Energy Ratings, with even smarter savings. A luxury within reach to help you improve the air quality within your home.

Bravo Inverter - Impressive A and A+ rated energy credentials coupled with discreet design and a host of remote controlled functions make temperature control “precise” as well as easier on the pocket. Presented to you with four outstanding specifications, dependent on your needs. Manage your temperature and environment in a cost effective way, and improve the air that you breathe.

Multi Inverter - Range of multi inverter condensers allowing connection from one single condenser to up to 4 indoor units. Indoor unit available in high wall mounts and ceiling cassettes from 7000 Btu to 18000 Btu. Choice of 2 wall mounts, standard white panels or black flat panels.